L to R:  Dahbans Double Up, owner Heidi Kohlbeck
Trainer Roger Odegard, Basks Sachet +
Dahbans Conbrio, owner Kristin Urban
-- Photo courtesy of O'Connell Photography


A Bit of Flash
(Mr Cognac Bey x DBA Celebration [Bask El Amigo]
-- Photo courtesy of Highland Photography




Dah-Ban Arabians is an AHA Discovery Farm and owner Kristin Urban is an AHA Mentor.

In addition to offering stallion services to A Bit of Flash, Dah-Ban Arabians has a small number of horses for sale. 

We can also help you find mares to breed to the stallion of your choice, fill out futurity forms,  plan a show career, and reference you to trainers, other breeders of fine Arabian horses, helpful publications, horse related organizations, etc., etc.  Feel free to use our informational services.  They are free.


Contact Information:

Kristin Urban
18104 Pleasant Road
Maribel, Wisconsin  54227
Phone:  920.863.8253

Bay Geste
driven by Kristin Urban
-- Photo courtesy of O'Connell Photography


WW Flash Dancer
2008 Filly by A Bit of Flash
Owner - Mary Adelman

Sporting and Pleasure Carts display

Lakeshore Carriage Driving Club
Kristin Urban

Imagination is a good horse to carry you over the ground -- not a flying carpet to set you free from improbability.

-- Robertson Davies, THE MANTICORE



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